chi logo new edited 3"You will never buy a Shy or Timid Puppy from Chihuahua World"

Not all Chihuahua Puppies for sale are the same! Chihuahua World have studied, learned and pioneered new ways to give you what you are looking for. We are a Licensed, Active and Independent Chihuahua Breeder. All of our Chihuahua Puppies for sale are bred here in the UK at Chihuahua World.

A Chihuahua World UK puppy could be your perfect pet and new best friend.  Click here to contact us with any enquiries or to arrange a viewing of our chihuahua puppies for sale.

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We only take closeup photos that show our puppies - no props, backgrounds or being dressed up.  

Come and view in relaxed surroundings, you will not be viewing our puppies in our shed, kitchen or living room next to our family eating dinner or watching TV, but in our customer viewing area solely for puppies and you.

Whilst viewing the puppies for sale you can browse Chihuahua clothing, Chihuahua beds, Chihuahua carriers and accessories so come and relax in comfort with a drink of your choice.

Please familiarise yourself with all aspects of buying a Chihuahua Puppy, reading our Information Pages, as it could save you money and heartache. Have you will find our content refreshing as the information throughout our website is written with our own words, from our own ideas and experiences. You will never find copied content within our website, you may find ours on others, if you do please let us know!

Continued improvements and new ideas equates to superior character and temperament Chihuahuas ensuring you will not buy a shy or timid Puppy from Chihuahua World. Check out their facilities. All our Puppies are renowned for their independent spirits and well rounded characters. You will never buy a shy or timid puppy from from Chihuahua World and this is due to our one of a kind Puppy Program

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Did You Know?

Pet Insurance as standard does not cover Congenital or Hereditary Fatalities so this is something you will have to ask your Insurance Company to cover which leads to a greater expense.

Chihuahua World Gives a 12 month Health Certificate with every puppy which protects you from this potential costly situation.

Every puppy will come with a £35 Vet Certificate stating in writing the results from an in-depth examination.

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The Unique Chihuahua World Puppy Package you will not get this with any other UK Breeder check out Our Puppy Package

Read about and view our facilities Chihuahua World Facilities

You will also not buy a shy or timid Puppy from Chihuahua World due to our one of a kind Puppy Program.


Cut out the RISK of Buying!

Buying a Chihuahua Puppy carries the same risk as buying most things in life so choosing the right Breeder is imperative to get the Puppy you really want.

Don't risk Breeders you know nothing about