The only UK Chihuahua breeder displaying their dogs breeding, playing and sleeping facilities. Part of our policy as a breeder trying to set new standards in Chihuahua Breeding is to show proudly our facilities here at Chihuahua World.  

Rarely seen amongst breeders is the openness of our dogs lives which is as important to us as breeding puppies. Chihuahua World spend £1000's yearly updating and improving our dogs lives and activities.

Giving our Adults & Puppies The Very Best In Life

Chihuahua World's Adults and Puppies (from 4 weeks of age) spend their daytime lives running, jumping, chasing, barking, sleeping and eating in pure luxury.

Features include, underfloor heating for all including our adults, artificial grass, decking areas, climbing frames, slides. Our utility building houses all what they need for their daily lives with regards laundry, food preparation, grooming etc. The whole area has constant CCTV recording via 6 separate cameras so we can study and observe any behaviour we wish to through out the day or in the future. Below are pictures of Chihuahua World's Adult Chihuahua Playground and our newly built and extended £8000 Puppy house and play area.

Of an evening when they all come in our adults and pups literally are asleep within 10 minutes due to a mixture of tiredness and routine. This is the foundation of our breeding program as it enables all Chihuahua World dogs to lead an active life pretty much like us humans, using energy all day to ensure a good nights sleep. This has a great effect on our puppies as the feedback from customers tells us every time how well they slot straight into their family life. When you think of our children and how we teach them routine when they are young well this is what we install in our dogs because it works.

The day starts at 7am here when they all come out the house to their playground where they dispel a little energy before their breakfast at 8am, which is cooked fresh every morning consisting of our own real meat food recipe.

Through out the day 4 washing machine loads of their beds are washed, 4 tumble dryer loads if the weather is poor, 2 dishwasher loads, their oven runs for 12.5 hours a week with meat and bone preparation, hot water is on constant, 2 fridges and 3 freezers are on permanently.

We use lots of Kitchen hardware like, meat mincer, meat slicer, rice steamer, microwave, food air dryer, and stacks of consumables like kitchen roll, washing powder, dishwasher tablets, and an endless list of janitorial products.

Hopefully you can understand that this is why we see so many dogs living in poor conditions and experience neglect because when you breed properly it is incredibly expensive and time consuming, something most don't realise.

People always ask why do you spend so much money and time on your dogs? Because we enjoy doing so with a passion! Creating a happy Chihuahua World means providing them with a life where they have a choice to do as they wish all day.

So many breeders dogs are stuck in a crate, cage or box, shut in a room all day whilst they are at work, with their pups on wee soaked newspaper, knowing Chihuahua World is at the opposite side of this gives us the pleasure pride and knowledge that Chihuahua World will always continue to set new standards and push the boundaries in today's breeding world.

In the coming years we will be investing huge sums of money in Chihuahua World to create a state of the art Complex which will revolutionize the normal way of viewing, buying and owning a Chihuahua.

{slider Where our Puppies and Adults play all day.}

Do you know the average floor area of all the rooms added up in a typical 4 Bedroom House?

answer: 1700 square foot.

Do you know the area of our Adults and Puppies daytime playground?

answer: 2300 square foot.

Night time living area in the house?

answer: 650 square foot.

To breed correctly on a professional level a breeder needs to supply whelping areas where there are dedicated heat sources for individual mums and litter needs. With more than one litter, the puppies are likely too be of different ages so the need will arise for different levels of heat between new borns and much older puppies so for this our underfloor heating sets the comfort levels and then for any extra needed heat the infra red heat lamps we have installed are controllable by a variable power delivery system that enable us to set the heat output levels above the mums and babies, this ensures each whelping pen has the correct temperature day or night 365 days a year.

Adults sleeping together of a night.

Having created many 3 level sleeping quarters it means that our adults can rest and bed down with the correct pack mates to ensure there are no incidents in the night that would result in fighting or bullying. For those of you who are breeders will understand that when females come into season there is a change in attitude with the rest of the females in the pack which could see the female on heat being bullied or worse still set upon. The same applies to male dogs, most people have seen pictures or programs showing male animals fighting for the right to mate with a female, it is a natural instinct within the pack so to ensure all is calm they need to have separate accommodation .

Why can't we use our house kitchen?

The best solution for a dedicated breeder is to build and provide their dogs own kitchen and laundry area as then whatever needs cooking or cleaning for them will not interfere with your everyday life in the home, this means our dogs every need will always be able to be fulfilled regardless of the time of day. If you have checked out our food making videos then you would have seen that it can be quit messy and smelly so with the building we have created this no longer becomes an issue so we are free too make whatever food our dogs love the most. To watch our food making videos click HERE.