When buying your new pup from Chihuahua World you will receive an extensive and unbeatable puppy package free of charge.  

Buying your new Chihuahua will be a special time in your life so to help you enjoy it more our package has been designed to give you the knowledge your money has been spent wisely.

Listed below are what you will receive FREE with your new Chihuahua Puppies

  1. 1 Year Health Guarantee (no this is not a misprint - Chihuahua World were the first  Chihuahua breeders to offer this.)
  2. Over 50 photograhs of your baby.(if reserved early enough)
  3. Latest Mini Microchip.
  4. Chihuahua Worlds very own Chihuahua Carrier complete with safety lanyard.
  5. A bag of dry food...3 months supply of Royal Canin & fish 4 dogs.
  6. Worming treatment.
  7. 4 Weeks free insurance.
  8. Generation Pedigree.
  9. Flea Treatment.
  10. Ears cleaned
  11. Advocat Ear mite Treatment.
  12. And best of all a Healthy, Confident, Loving and Playful Pup having been part of the Chihuahua World Puppy program which ensures ALL pups give you years of enjoyment from the very first day.
  13. Lifetime of help & support.
  14. 1st vaccination
  15. Full Vet health check
  16. Weekly Video calls
  17. Toys & treats
  18. Weekly weight gain notifications