Just playing with puppies is not socialisation and fails to develop a fully rounded character. Our Puppy Program concentrates on breeding perfect characters and bold balanced temperaments.

If you look at Chihuahua World's Facilities and read through our information pages, you will understand the concept of our very successful breeding program resulting in the perfect friendly well mannered family Pet. 

We have the best Temperament Chihuahua Puppies that are truely life changing for their new owners. Chihuahua World puppies have an incredibly friendly nature and natural ability to take to you and your family from the very first day

Why is Chihuahua World different?

why chihuahua world 3All of our puppies are enrolled in our Unique Puppy Program where they are:

  • Toilet trained to go outside & trained to use a Cat Flap.
  • Socialized 10 hours a day with other litters of puppies and their Mums as well as us humans.
  • Fed the very best freshly cooked meat and bones. Only have unprocessed treats, food & multivitamins daily.
  • Installed with a trained daily routine so they know when is play and bed time.
  • Never caged. Never kept on newspaper.
  • All are micro chipped. Wormed. Ears cleaned. Tick treated.
  • Come with their Pedigree and a health check from our vets, not just a pretend check up.
  • All come with the Chihuahua World unrivaled Puppy Pack and a 12 month health guarantee.

Becoming an owner of a Chihuahua World Puppy also entitles you to:

  1. Free membership of our Chihuahua Club.
  2. Offered our rehomers before the public and mostly for free.
  3. Creat your own Blog, Photo Albums and Discussion in our members section.
  4. Live chat help and support through our website.
  5. Access to our Chihuahua Boarding which is only for Chihuahua World Chihuahuas.
  6. Members only section of our shop.

As Chihuahua World are always here for life for our customers they do enjoy many other benefits that save them money, time and possible heartache through out their Chihuahuas lives, this has included, boarding, medical issues, supplying our own food, life changing circumtances and many more issues.

Owning one of our Chihuahuas requires a lifetime commitment from you so as a responsible Breeder and hopefully friend we will return this commitment to you so that you can enjoy life with your Chihuahua to the fullest.

why chihuahua world 2Not all Chihuahuas are the same ! Dogs are like us humans "we are all different" Don't end up with a Chihuahua that turns out to be something different than you thought you had purchased.

Time and time again we hear horror stories from customers who have had extremely bad experiences with their previous Chihuahua ranging from health problems, social problems, and more often than not the selling Breeder not willing to help should things go wrong from the start, we hear this day in day out by people who have brought from breeders who take your money and then you are on your own.

Pet Insurance companies have many pay out get out clauses especially with Genetic problems so you can't rely on this to cover your financial losses.Be careful when choosing a puppy on looks alone, just because he or she looks great does not mean you will have a happy 15yrs with your Chihuahua, we all fall in love with our pets temperament and character so this should be considered above all else.