• Welcome to Chihuahua World
    Welcome to Chihuahua World

    The UK's Leading Chihuahua Breeder - Leading the way in setting new standards in Chihuahua Breeding and Ownership. All Chihuahua World Puppies come with a 12 month health guarantee and our unrivalled Puppy Package.  

    All puppies listed for sale on this site are bred by us personally in our world class facilities and every picture and video shown is of one of our chihuahuas.

  • Creating a Happy Chihuahua World.
    Creating a Happy Chihuahua World.

    With over 20 years breeding experience, Chihuaua World's unrivaled faclities mean that our Chihuahuas enjoy the best life, living conditions, food, treats, care and knowledge.  

    No other Chihuahua Breeder in the UK commits the time, dedication and money into their Chihuahua's lives, as it's not just about Puppies!

  • Creating Happy Chihuahua Owners
    Creating Happy Chihuahua Owners

    Caution Chihuahua World Puppies are ADDICTIVE!  After buying a Chihuahua World Puppy, our customers cannot believe that our puppies are just the perfect little fur baby they hoped they would find which is why so many come back for another.  Our site contains extensive information and tips on Chihuahua Ownership.  We want you to make the right decision when it comes to buying and caring for a Chihuahua Puppy.

  • Real life testimonials
    Real life testimonials

    "Hi Laura cant thank you enough for Bluebelle she has settled in so well she has had no accidents although she did wake me at 5 to go out and do a wee and poo bless her. She is such a happy playful pup I was worried how Bertie would get on with her but they are great together. It seems to be bring out Berties playful side which is lovely. Thank you so much I will keep you up to date with her progress. Hope you are all OK lots of love Janet

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The only UK Chihuahua breeder displaying their dogs breeding, playing and sleeping facilities. Part of our policy as a breeder trying to set new standards in Chihuahua Breeding is to show proudly our facilities here at Chihuahua World.  

Rarely seen amongst breeders is the openness of our dogs lives which is as important to us as breeding puppies. Chihuahua World spend £1000's yearly updating and improving our dogs lives and activities.

Giving our Adults & Puppies The Very Best In Life

Because we are not associated with any breed clubs, show clubs or any ethic setting controlling body, this page will hopefully give you the opportunity to understand Chihuahua World in a more personal way, by giving you an insight into the decisions we have made to stay independent and what this means for our breeding program.

For those avid followers of Chihuahua World this page will hopefully give you an ongoing insight to what's happening here and why. 

Improving Chihuahua Breeding and Chihuahua Puppies Ownership with New and Fresh Ideas.

Just playing with puppies is not socialisation and fails to develop a fully rounded character. Our Puppy Program concentrates on breeding perfect characters and bold balanced temperaments.

Having studied and used most of the well known dog food manufactured brands I'm sure you will agree there is nothing like real meat food especially when buying and preparing it yourself.