The only UK Chihuahua breeder displaying their dogs breeding, playing and sleeping facilities. Part of our policy as a breeder trying to set new standards in Chihuahua Breeding is to show proudly our facilities here at Chihuahua World.  

Rarely seen amongst breeders is the openness of our dogs lives which is as important to us as breeding puppies. Chihuahua World spend £1000's yearly updating and improving our dogs lives and activities.

Giving our Adults & Puppies The Very Best In Life

Because we are not associated with any breed clubs, show clubs or any ethic setting controlling body, this page will hopefully give you the opportunity to understand Chihuahua World in a more personal way, by giving you an insight into the decisions we have made to stay independent and what this means for our breeding program.

For those avid followers of Chihuahua World this page will hopefully give you an ongoing insight to what's happening here and why. 

Improving Chihuahua Breeding and Chihuahua Puppies Ownership with New and Fresh Ideas.

Not all Chihuahuas are the same ! Dogs are like us humans "we are all different" Don't end up with a Chihuahua that turns out to be something different than you thought you had purchased.

Having studied and used most of the well known dog food manufactured brands I'm sure you will agree there is nothing like real meat food especially when buying and preparing it yourself.