Because we are not associated with any breed clubs, show clubs or any ethic setting controlling body, this page will hopefully give you the opportunity to understand Chihuahua World in a more personal way, by giving you an insight into the decisions we have made to stay independent and what this means for our breeding program.

Lulus GirlMost of the UK's Chihuahua Breeders websites have all sorts of information pages but the text on them are usually just another copy of articles posted dozens of times around the Internet.This is fine as the information is usually reliable but if you are in a position to experience these things with your own Chihuahuas then why not share them and perhaps try to improve on that particular subject.

If you have read our website then you will know that absolutely everything on here has been written by us and not copied from anywhere else on the Internet so this statement alone should begin to tell you that the choice we made to be an independent breeder means that Chihuahua World is prepared to rewrite the rule book when it comes to Chihuahua Breeding.

Giving you an example, one of the first things a potential Chihuahua owner needs to know is exactly what the breed is like as the puppy needs to fit into their families lifestyle, they then will start searching probably on the Internet "is a Chihuahua right for me." This brings up hundreds of reviews and after reading them it is clear that half of them were written by people who have never owned a Chihuahua so the message here is not to believe all what you read especially when making important decisions like choosing a breed because settling for one you didn't really want can lead to a life with your dog you never really wanted

What we have done here and are still doing is to study, understand and improve our dogs lives, temperaments and characters year after year as then we can continue to post our findings and experiences for you to read on our site so you will have a greater understanding of our Chihuahuas, not anyone else's or the Chihuahuas that people have wrote reviews about all over the Internet.

Why would we want to put on our website about Chihuahuas in general, whether good or bad, when you are on our website to look at Chihuahua World's Chihuahuas, as we know all humans are different so the same applies for Chihuahuas, just because they are a Chihuahua it doesn't mean they all have the same characteristics. 

Hard work and continued investment keeps bringing better results year on year which is pure motivation for us to keep pushing our expectations higher and higher.

What sets us apart from most other Chihuahua Breeders?

  • Everything on our website is written in our own words and not copied from other websites.
  • The only Chihuahua Breeder to display where their dogs eat, sleep, and play day and night on their website.
  • Only use Chihuahua World photos on our website and Facebook page.
  • Do not offer for stud our males to make extra money.
  • We only breed Chihuahuas and not multiple breeds just to make more money.
  • Offer a 12 month health guarantee.
  • Supply a wriiten Vet health check report which is an A4 size certificate from our vet.
  • Offer owners of our Puppies the chance to re-home one of our adult re-homers for free.
  • Free membership to our Chihuahua Club.
  • Exclusive boarding just for owners of our dogs.
  • Make our own food and treats.
  • Have the best Chihuahua Facilities in the country.

As most of you have read on our site we make all our dogs treats and food from only fresh unabused meat, no preservatives, colourings, flavourings or additives. This is hard work and time consuming so why do we do it you ask? Well knowing what we feed our dogs let's us observe their health, behaviour, reactions and their waste knowing that nothing except clean natural food has influenced them. This is extremely important as we're trying to improve all aspects of their lives so knowing no chemicals have any influence on these results means better understanding of the way forward.

What we have always aimed for is improving your experience when buying and owning one of our Chihuahuas as enjoying life with your dog is the greatest expectation you will have when you take one home.

Husky girlThe foundation of this work must start with the parents, something most breeders don't consider, as when you take your Puppy home you are also taking home the genetic make up of both parents.

Chihuahua World is a great believer in you get out what you put in, organizing our breeding program so our females only breed every other season is key to natural, safe births. This gives the mum's uterus plenty of time to repair itself from giving birth being as it is a traumatic experience for her body, this is why Chihuahua World has the number of females we have. We won't breed any females after the age of 7 as this still gives them chance to bond and live an active life with their new family, something which is extremely important to us. This is one of the reasons we created our Chihuahua Puppies Club as members are offered our retired females first being as they have one of our Chihuahuas already so we know she will quickly settle into her new life.

Another great aspect of our Chihuahua Club is all the items that are available on members pages have been tried, tested and Chihuahua World approved for you to enjoy. You don't need to waste money trying different things out for your Chihuahua as we have already done it and can assure you and your Chihuahua will also approve.

Being proud of creating Chihuahua World's facilities we are the only Chihuahua breeders in the UK to display them on their website. You can see that these were incredibly expensive to set up and still swallow up money year after year with updates and maintenance

Chihuahua World offers the most comprehensive Puppy Pack with every Puppy which ensures a unique Chihuahua buying experience.

We take payment into Chihuahua World's business account and not just cash or cheques into personal accounts like other Chihuahua Breeders, this reflects our honesty and also offers you financial protection.

Micro chipping is something we have always campaigned for which is why Chihuahua World became licensed to do so, i can then ensure every puppy that leaves here has been micro chipped. Recently with the introduction of the new mini chip we switched all our equipment to use these being as they are less invasive and cause no pain or discomfort when administered.

Lastly we as breeders can write on our websites whatever we like to entice you to part with your money but those of you who can see through what Breeders claim will workout those who are sincere and those who are not.

Chihuahua World has and always will be at the forefront of Chihuahua Breeding so will continue to offer you more than just another Chihuahua Puppy, our dogs are our life and our life is our dogs so if you become part of this then you will enjoy for many years our efforts and results when trying to create a .HAPPY CHIHUAHUA WORLD