What makes Chihuahua World Puppies so different compared to most others?


Due to our investment with our time and not just our money we have been able to create a unique one of a kind Puppy program which creates a Chihuahua Puppy that possesses a temperament that everyone hopes for when they 

Owning one of our Chihuahuas brings a whole new level to Chihuahua ownership which all current Chihuahua World Puppy owners are experiencing.

After the first 4 weeks of our puppies lives spent with mum in their whelping facilities it is now time to come out during the day in our purpose built Puppy house which started off as a conservatory but we had to have alterations made tailored to our needs.decide to take the step of owning a dog.

Just some of the features of our facilities include, glass solar reflective roof upgrade with opening skylight, an extra full height door which leads to one of their 2 outside areas, 2 cat flaps installed that allow the puppies to come in and out as they please, installation of cctv in the Puppy House which we monitor from our office and inside the house, underfloor heating, PVC clad inside for wipe clean hygiene.

As firm believers in daily routines we are teaching our puppies that daytime is for enjoyment and night time is for sleeping.

How does this help?

We humans have daily routines which normally involves daytime activities and sleep during the night, so to be able to enjoy your Chihuahua Puppies from day one we teach them this foundation of life so they are able to fit straight into our lives.

Our Puppies play and mix with different litters and their mums.

How does this help?

When we mix and interact with other humans we become more confident and outgoing  commonly known as being more sociable. The same applies to our puppies, but it is only because of our facilities here at Chihuahua World that we are able to allow different litters of puppies and mums to mix and play at this early stage in their lives. In our Puppy House all day gives them the freedom to run, learn, interact and mature far better than being with just their mum in their own confined space which more often than not is usually a cage.

Our Puppies are free to come in and out as they please during the day.

With their own front and side gardens to the Puppy House, accessed by cat flaps, our puppies not only enjoy a Garden from around 5 weeks of age but learn to wee and poo outside before they leave here for their new homes. Sounds too good to be true but given the opportunity and correct facilities they reach these achievements with ease, customers are truely amazed at how advanced they are from the very first day they take them home.

Over the years studying our Puppies mental and physical stimulation has become the key to producing our famous temperament Chihuahuas.

Being an active breeder Chihuahua World dedicates a full time work schedule not only providing for our Chihuahuas but studying their behavior in order to understand the way forward when it comes to creating that perfect bond between a puppy and their new owner.When you hear the phrase "a dog is for life" we understand that this can only be achieved with love and affection for your Chihuahua, so it is extremely  important that your puppy ultimately becomes a family member and not just the family dog that can become a burden and neglected.

Chihuahua World will never be just another breeder hence why we spend the money and time we do to progress our Puppy Program as a happy Chihuahua Puppy Owner is priceless.