For those avid followers of Chihuahua World this page will hopefully give you an ongoing insight to what's happening here and why. 

Improving Chihuahua Breeding and Chihuahua Puppies Ownership with New and Fresh Ideas.

Goldy boyContinuous investment sees constant changing in my breeding facilities and my dogs everyday and night life.

Over the years understanding my dogs behavior allows me to look deep into what makes a happy dog and indeed creating outstanding temperaments which are then inherited by their offspring thus resulting in the perfect pet.

As mentioned on other pages this is what gives us, the lifetime enjoyment of what should be our best friend.

Having the facilities i have including the UK's first and only unique daytime heated 1500 square foot Chihuahua Puppies playground enables me to conduct my own studies to try and look for ways we can improve on every aspect relating to Chihuahua Puppies ownership and of course breeding.

All my dogs are treated like and enjoy the lives of active content young children which I'm proud to say gives my adults and pups the temperaments they are famous for.