Having studied and used most of the well known dog food manufactured brands I'm sure you will agree there is nothing like real meat food especially when buying and preparing it yourself.

If you look at the ingredients of most dry biscuits you will see ingredients in them that you won't have heard of or understood. Let's take ASH for instance, this is greatly used in pet food dry biscuits and is basically what the name suggests, ASH from incinerated food products. Put a bin full of bones, fat, any left over meat products (could be any animal) in an incinerator until you have a pile of ASH left over, well there you have it!

Protein is labelled usually from meat products, again this could be anything, you just don't know, some even use protein from plants due to it being so cheap. You are what you eat and the same applies to our dogs so if you do feed your Chihuahua dry biscuits then make sure it is one of the top 3 well known brands as these are really the only manufacturers who actually tell you their exact ingredients.

Our real meat food most of you received when you purchased your pup so hopefully you are familiar with it. We are constantly changing small ingredients so our dogs can look forward to various tastes everyday which lets us know what they prefer and vise versa.

Being fed dry biscuit everyday you must agree must be like us eating meat substitute biscuits as our daily diet, not very appealing is it. Most of the time dry biscuit is seen as a smell and hassle free option of feeding our pets but just stop and think of the times you save your Chihuahua a piece of meat from your own dinner and his reaction to eating a real piece of meat, well this is the reaction i get from all my dogs every morning after their breakfast comes out of the oven.

Dog food manufacturers give you an indication of ingredients on their packets but when you think of the additives, artificial flavours, colouring and preservatives added to these then this adds up to a very poor diet.

Even tinned dogs meat is full of gravy, jelly or water as you probably know when opening a tin, why is this? Because meat is expensive, especially good quality meat. That is why the protein content of dry biscuits is not usually from animals but plants, obviously manufacturers are thinking of profit and not your Chihuahua.

The food we produce here is not for sale to anyone else but Chihuahua Club members, as the ingredients are of too high quality and expense to earn money from on a large scale, it is purely to offer your Chihuahua a real alternative to the norm or even to mix in with his normal daily diet.

In January 2014 Channel 5 highlighted the issues surrounding shop bought dog food so have a look if you can

See the episode here THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR DOG FOOD


Over the years seeing my dogs reactions to what is put in front of them has lead me to producing my own food for them every day and even now i still get the same excited look and empty bowls everyday. Once a week i take a trip to our local abattoir to purchase meat fresh from that days pigs and cattle so i know that it hasn't been stored or laying around for any amount of time.

My current menu consists of Beef Skirt, Liver, Ox Tongue, white rice, brown pasta, Mixed vegetable and powdered multivitamins, the rice and pasta are steamed with my industrial rice cooker, all the meat is oven baked and the mixed vegetablesare diced fine. The whole ingredients are then mixed together before being put through a huge mincer which ensures an even mix as well as the perfect texture for both my adults and puppies.

This whole process takes and incredible amount of time and money but we never get tired of doing it due to the differences our Chihuahuas display, the days of just serving up a bowl of biscuits for our dogs will never be an option again.

The benefits we have witnessed with our dogs since feeding them proper food have been just amazing, their characters and temperaments are superbly balanced, our puppies mature so much faster as their intelligence starts to shine through even at 6 weeks of age, Caesarians are practically a thing of the past, dental problems have dramatically reduced and best of all meal times are enjoyed and appreciated by those who matter most, our Chihuahuas.

Make your own just like we do.we will show you how so just follow this link

 Do please read my blogs as i often post about new ingredients i have tried. SEAWEED & SUNFLOWER OIL