Below are answers to frequently asked questions from prospective clients.

Q. What is Chihuahua World?.

A. Chihuahua World is a Pro-active Independent Licensed Breeder of Chihuahua.

Q. What do you mean by Pro-active and Independent?

A. Pro-active means i never sit still trying to improve the breed, and always look to find ways to improve Puppy ownership which intern will give you the ultimate Chihuahua Puppies experience. Independent means i am not associated with any Breed club or the Kennel club so everything i do and say here is independent research and thinking.

Q. What sets Chihuahua World apart from other Breeders?

A. Chihuahua World are currently the only Breeder offering a 1 year Health Guarantee with our Puppies, has 22 years Breeding experience, is licensed to breed Chihuahuas, has the UK's only purpose built outdoor heated Chihuahua Playground, Purpose built in house Living area, has an annual inspection by the environmental health and their official vet, registered with the Inland Revenue for tax purposes, and most importantly care more about my dogs than is humanly possible. My goal here has always been to reach higher levels every year in all aspects of breeding and puppy ownership.

Q. Are you a KC Assured Breeder?

A. No I'm not.

Q. Why not?

A. The KC Assured Breeders scheme i believe is extremely flawed in many ways and does not do enough to ensure the public that they are good breeders. Their breeders are given regulations to follow but many are not compulsory so there is no assurance you are meeting a good breeder or pup. I have had many KC show breeders here looking to buy a quality pup so they can register it with the KC club as one of their own. This goes on all the time as they are only interested in trying to win a show by any means possible, so an Assured Breeder does not necessarily mean an honest Breeder. Looking through the various classified Chihuahua Puppies adverts on the internet from KC Assured Breeders, many are offering the puppies cheaper without KC papers, this is against the regulations set up by the Assured Breeder scheme so just goes to prove the breeder is using the KC club to promote their puppy sales and business. Read more on this subject here.

Q. Are your puppies KC registered ?

A. No they are not.

Q. I have been told KC papers are important is this so?

A. Only if you want to show, the papers say nothing about the health, temperament or quality of the pup.

Q. Do KC papers tell me that my puppy is a pedigree?

A. This is what they are supposed to do yes but considering what goes on amongst some dishonest breeders the KC papers offer no guarantee that the puppy is the one on the paperwork. This is a huge subject and one that the RSPCA have investigated and reported on many times.

Q. What Paperwork is important when buying a puppy?

A. The most important piece of paper should be a certificate from the breeders vet declaring the puppy health issue free. No amount of paperwork will ever be a substitute for a bold, playful and well balanced temperament puppy.

Q. What else is important when buying a puppy?

A. This varies with different breeder beliefs but i certainly believe all breeders should microchip their pups so the dog will always be identifiable and if needed the Breeder traced.

Q. Will my puppy have it's first vaccination when i collect it?

A. If you are collecting your pup as soon as it is ready to leave then no. Being so small Chihuahuas are incredibly susceptible to any foreign matter introduced in their bodies which can and has for me in the past led to a fatal reaction a few times. I don't recommend any vaccinations until they are atleast 1 kilo in weight regardless of what your vet says. After your puppy reaches this weight you are welcome to bring him or her back for the first inoculation to be administered.

Q. What food do you recommend for my new puppy?

A. A good quality food is very important so any of the well known brands that offer small kibbles will be fine. Although we make our own natural food here your pup will still be used to a dry puppy food when they leave.

Q. Do i get some food with my puppy?

A. Yes you will receive a bag of our own natural food and also a bag of dry food.

Q. Can i go on a waiting list?

A. I don't operate a waiting list so please follow @chiworlduk on Twitter or Chihuahua World on Facebook where you will receive all future notifications regarding puppies or just simply keep an eye on my website.

Q. Do you have the parents of all your puppies?

A. Absolutely, they are all here and are attended too by my family as full time jobs, you will not find this level of care and time invested by any other Chihuahua Breeders in the UK.

Q. Can you email me more pictures?

A. No sorry, all my photos have been copyrighted so will not be available for public circulation.

Q. How old are puppies when they leave mum?

A. This varies from pup to pup but generally standard size will leave at 9 weeks of age and Teacups from 10 weeks onwards as they mature so much slower.

Q. Now i have decided to buy one of your puppies can you tell me what to do?

A. The best thing to do is call me with regards making an appointment to view where you can meet me and my dogs and then choose a pup that is right for you.

Q. How much deposit do i need and what form of payments do you accept?

A. A deposit of £300 is required to secure your pup which can be in the form of cash, credit or debit card or cheque which must be made out to Chihuahua World. A bank transfer to Chihuahua World is also an option if you ask for the bank details.

Q. How do i know that my deposit money is safe?

A. Unlike Breeders who only accept cash, you can pay by any of the means listed above in to Chihuahua World's account so you will have proof of payment with your Bank or Cheque book as well as a reciept from Chihuahua World.

Q. When i collect my Puppy how do i pay?

A. Again by any of the above methods as long as payment has cleared prior to collection.

Q. Can you deliver a Puppy to me if i paid for the transport?

A. Unfortunately not, never buy a Puppy withut meeting the Breeder and Puppy first.

Q. If i have any problems in the future are you able to offer any advice?

A. Of course, feel free to email or call and i will be happy to help.

If your question is not listed above, please feel free to contact us.