Sunday morning lie ins

We brought Toro up from his crate early so he  could go out for toilet and I dozed off with him on the bed and awoke to this! He is not a morning person either!
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Toro and Verbal

Morning kisses for Verbal!
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Toro's first walk

Took the wee beastie out for his first walk today, with his best Bud Verbal, and took to it with no bother at all, tail up, striding out and running to keep up. Brilliant! More testimony to the Chihuahua world temperament. SO PLEASED! :D
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Happy Birthday Cooper

Nikki I hope you don't mind me posting this seeing as Coopers not a chi world baby (he is a big fan after his visit to you though lol)  today is Coopers 2nd Birthday and here he is with my lovely hubby. I took this photo a couple of days ago and really love it, I'm sure Cooper is posing
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