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You are what you eat or you eat what you are?

You are what you eat or you eat what you are?

Although my title can be said about us humans unfortunately our dogs don't have a choice so this is where our personal life and mentality plays a part in what i feel is the most important part our our dogs life, "their meal times". The way we do or do not think about food and it's benefits will have an impact on our dogs lives because usually healthy meals take time to prepare so requires a little more effort than normal. With the hectic lifestyles many people endure today with barely enough time to prepare their own meal let alone their dogs, it's possible without supplements their bodies may lack in vital nutrients and vitamins.

One of the reasons i spend so much time making my dogs food and treats is so i know exactly what they are ingesting so monitoring things like their behaviour, mentality and health becomes easier to understand and can be adjusted accordingly. We all know what it is like to eat something that makes us feel under the weather the next day, lack of energy, too much sugar etc etc. The same applies to dogs, as a breeder the mental state and well-being of my dogs is crucial to push my breeding program forward as i feel it's like setting out on a long journey with a stable car as opposed to an unhealthy one.

My food mix is very stable and provides all the right nutrients but with science pressing forward i must keep up and pass it onto my dogs so being as i always have my dogs mental state in mind i am now starting a trial using Sunflower oil with their food due to it's high Omega 3 content as this is linked highly with brain function.
What has this got to do with Breeding some ask? Well nothing to those who think it's all about selling puppies but as an active Breeder trying to find improvement in all fields of Chihuahua Breeding and Ownership the advantages will be seen and are being seen with the intelligence and balanced  temperaments of my Adults and Puppies who all at some stage will become the perfect pet.



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