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Warmer Weather, Extra Work at Chihuahua World!

With the warmer weather here now it is time to change the daily routine here at Chihuahua World to compensate for rising temperatures, just like us Chihuahuas feel the heat and can overheat like we do if not provided for correctly. Most of you know that Chihuahuas love the warm as they are usually found sat in front of the fire, on your lap or beside a radiator but without the correct hydration, food and care adults and puppies can and will dehydrate very quickly when exerting themselves on a hot day.

As my dogs have an active daytime life i must make sure their intake levels of water and food are balanced even more so this time of year because of an increase in their metabolic rate. My puppies have an equally active life in the puppy house and their outside play areas so they can rapidly deteriorate with the heat if they are engrossed in playtime with each other and not refueling like they should be. The way i have to approach this is to give an extra meal during the day but also by having smaller portions, as well as glucose powder in their water bowls. Chihuahuas have a great appetite and will usually clear the bowl if they are in a group due to the dogs natural instinct of pack survival, sometimes misunderstood as greed! By having an extra meal during the day their energy levels are spread out even further so they become more evenly balanced throughout their daily playtime, the glucose helps to maintain their blood sugar levels.

Double the amount of water bowls in the summer protects my Chihuahuas against those frequent accidents of a bowl being knocked over whilst they are running around chasing each other as well as from those that are extremely thirsty and empty and drink a bowl dry.

Another consideration is the speed at which their real meat food can harden with the heat so smaller portions as well as the sunflower oil I'm trialling at the moment helps keep everything moist and bowls cleared.

Flies are also another summer hazard especially in my food preparation area, everything needs to be antibacterial treated every time i prepare their food to ensure nothing is accidentally mixed into their meals. Even when i open and close the fridges i have to make sure 100% that no flies get trapped in them when i close the doors, a couple of years back i had to destroy 10kg of meat as a fly did actually find it's way into one of my fridges and over night had laid thousands of eggs all over their food.

Urine smells and no matter where it is and the warm weather makes sure that it smells even stronger than normal so spraying their whole playground with urine neutralizer a couple of times a week becomes an absolute must.

"Chihuahua Breeding equals Chihuahua Puppies for sale" .......... What about everything in between?

Just another set of seasonal challenges here at Chihuahua World that are always replaced by another set later in the year, you've guessed it "The Winter One's".






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