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The Truth about Dog Treats Revealed

The Truth about Dog Treats Revealed

I read an interesting article in the Sun newspaper today regarding shop bought dog treats which i'm sure most owners give to their dogs from time to time. A post we wrote last year on the benefits and goodness of our own made Chihuahua Treats really is backed up by the latest findings of a national study into Pet obesity and health.

The results are what we thought they were going to be, basically they are full of rubbish and not only super high calorie but contain more calories than our own junk food such as cakes and burgers! Again we see greedy manufacturers putting profits before health, this applies to our food so it is not surprising it has now passed onto our pets food. Would you believe that the cat snak Dreamies contains approximately 5% more calories than a glazed ring "Dunkin Donut" and a Bonio treat 53% more than a "Big Mac"

I suppose when it is explained with a comparison owners should ask themselves if they would feed their cats Donuts as a treat or our dogs Big Macs as treats. Speaking like this it is clear that there would be an inevitable weight gain for our pets so this only leaves me to say "they are what they eat".......keep them healthy, they don't each much so buy them the best you can.


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