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Pet obesity in the news!

Pet obesity in the news!

Some of you may have seen the recent news on the TV highlighting the growing numbers of dogs that are over weight so i thought i would write a short blog on the subject as it does relate to Chihuahuas in a big way.

We hear the human story of obesity probably everyday of our lives in the newspapers and on TV which has become a fact of the lives we are living especially with our high streets full of takeaway restaurants and supermarkets full of ready meals and processed food. But now this is having a knock on effect with our Chihuahuas food as the dry kibble, tinned meat, packet treats and whatever else you feed them are all becoming less and less nutritional due to manufacturers financial profit so our pets feel the need to eat more to achieve that balance of the correct daily nutrients, this ends up with a very high calorie intake resulting in weight gain.

As a breeder i tend to keep my breeding girls weight up as when they are whelping their puppies there will be no danger of any undernourished puppies from lack of feed. As a general pet situation in most households i believe some owners are struggling to combat the high calorie intake of their Chihuahuas against their ever increasing pressured lifestyle and food costs. This is by no way picking out the owner as i think that it is very hard to adjust our ways of life to be able to achieve that perfect balance not only for our pets but our family members also. I can honestly say that i am guilty on letting a couple of my retired adults over indulge so i do understand how easy things can get passed us because we are thinking or worrying about other matters.

The rule of thumb here i think should be to let our Chihuahuas eat natural foods if you can afford it so you can have confidence that their meals have no unnecessary salts, fats, sugars or nasty chemicals added to them. Regarding activity well the summers here so let them run around the garden, try and find them a toy they love to chase, let them mix with other dogs so they become more active, take them for a walk everyday, these are just some of the things that are easily achievable and will make a difference over time. 

One of the questions i get from people is "when should they feed their Chihuahua" well personally i believe that their meal times should be in the morning so that they have the rest of the day to burn it off, it is ok for the odd natural treat later in the day but try to keep the calorie intake of a night to a minimum.

Obesity leads to all sorts of health problems which ultimately lead to expensive vet bills and possibly a poor quality of life so just keep the thought of your Chihuahuas weight in the back of your mind.....sometimes we need to be cruel to be kind so look away when they stare at you with those little sad eyes whilst you are eating your high calorie takeaways.

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