On Saturday (18th May) our little Sophie turned one year old :D

I thought I would recap the year for anyone who is thinking of buying one of Nikki's Chihuahua's.

Sophie is a tiny little girl, her first night she obviously missed her usual routine but she did have Ellie and Cherry to get to know, so although I kept a good watch on them I let the girls get acquainted in their own way.

From the very start Sophie was not afraid or intimidated and quickly decided Cherry who has a lot of hair, was the one to snuggle up with when she was tired and Ellie was her playmate.

Over time Sophie has shown the benefits of Nikki's breeding program and is a confident, too much so at times haha little girl with bags of character and a strong willed mind of her own.

Part of the puppy package is a Chihuahua World bag and this has proved to be invaluable, Sophie adores it and its always available for her to get into as she loves to sleep in it during the day or if she is on a walk and has had enough she signals she wants to be carried and look out at the world from a different height.

I would totally recommend anyone and especially first time buyers to get their Chi from Nikki, she is a lovely lady, honest and caring about the breed, you cant go wrong buying from Chihuahua World. 

So one year on and many more to come, thank you Chihuahua World for our little girl.....