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~OMG The Sun is Out~

Woke yesterday morning to find, miracle of miracles the sun was shining :D

Could this mean we might actually get some good weather, already the furbabies are outside playing, so good to see them enjoying the sun.

just a few pics I took of Sophie and her best friend Ellie.


Sophie and Ellie (not a Chihuahua World Chi) basking in the sun near the tortoise weed garden.



 Sophie spots Hillary Devey one of the tortoises and goes on the hunt lol



 Checking Hillary out, you can see the tortoise in the background.



Nothing exciting happening with the tortoises so checking out mom to see if a treat is in the offering haha.

hillery devey

Hilary enjoying a dandelion without the aid of a chi lol

You are what you eat or you eat what you are?
What an incredible sight today!

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