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Chihuahua World's Own Food

Chihuahua World's Own Food

Over the last 2 months i have been trialing Sunflower oil in my own Chihuahua Food that i make here at Chihuahua World and given the time of year the timing couldn't have been better. Real Meat as you know will dry out in the sun as does the rest of my ingredients as they are all fresh and free from additives so with the addition of the Sunflower oil when i prepare my dogs daily menu has proved invaluable as it keeps the food supple all day long. Containing Omega 3 modern science had proved the nuerological benefits so this i can't comment on being only 2 months in. If you have read through my sites pages you will know that my Adult and Puppy Chihuahuas live an active daytime life so maintaining healthy joints will certainly be helped with a daily amount of Sunflower oil.

Another thing i will say and those of you who have elderly Chihuahuas will understand that as teeth fall out and eating biscuits becomes pretty much impossible unless soaked with my food combined with the oil my elderly Chihuahuas can eat properly again anytime they like through out the day.

With these obvious benefits i will be staying with the Sunflower oil so will now move on to my next trial and that being Kelp Seaweed. We as Humans use kelp because of it being packed with all our necessary minerals and nutrients to maintain a stable metabolism as well as skin and hair benefits. Anything that will see my dogs fit and healthy will always be worth trying so given that vet bills can be incredibly expensive, early investment in their future health to me is priceless.


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