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Dogs on the Dole....Chihuahua Puppies for sale.

Dogs on the Dole....Chihuahua Puppies for sale.

As many of you know life is becoming tough so when this happens people will seek to earn extra cash just to afford the things they want in life, unfortunately this has been highlighted on a recent Channel 4 program showing people on benefits turning to dog breeding for that extra cash. Many years ago we could remember a time when there were more Chihuahua Puppy Classified Wanted adverts than there were Chihuahua Puppies for sale but now what we are seeing is the complete opposite especially as there are now even Chihuahuas in our dogs homes, something totally unheard of not so long ago.

I'm sure if you have watched the program you will appreciate the ticking time bomb that's being created by the uncontrolled and unknowledgeable  breeding going on by just about everyone who wants the extra cash. After hearing on the program the questions The Dogs Trust were asking Chihuahua Owners "why do they want to breed their dog?" replies were "i want a new kitchen" and "we want the money for a holiday", the mentality of these people is obviously based around pure selfishness and no regard for the dogs themselves.

These people have no room in their lives for multiple dogs to be in comfortable surroundings, this was made evident by one lady in the program keeping and breeding her Chihuahuas in her garden shed, this is so frustrating for people like ourselves as we know how much Chihuahuas love to be active, warm and sociable...something that could never happen stuck in a shed all day.

What we are inevitably going to witness in the very near future is a mass of dogs that have been bred and have no new homes available to go to, the people that have bred them will not have the facilities, money or interest in keeping them if they can't sell them so they will more than likely be given away or abandoned. Breeding is a life commitment due to the fact that whatever happens the dogs must come first, this would include going without a holiday, sleepless nights due to birth or whelping problems and providing the funds for those expensive Vet bills that WILL arise at some point.

Our celebrity culture brings with it a massive influence of what we do, what we want and what we buy so seeing our favourite celebrity with their new puppy obviously creates the latest desire in the Dog World, these so called breeders latch onto this so start to breed the latest K9 that is in fashion. Obviously the thing to do is to avoid breeders that breed multiple breeds as it just tells you that they want the fruits of the craze but lack the passion to be a dedicated breed breeder.

So what can be done?

Unfortunately as our law stands not alot, unless the animals are neglected or suffering then no animal welfare charity will step in. Crazy i know but for those who have read our website articles will know that Chihuahua World have always said that breeding should only be allowed by regulated licensed breeders and that the license fee should be around 4 times higher than it is at present so it would put people off the idea of making a quick few quid. Breeders are supposed to produce man's best friend so breeding possible genetically faulty dogs and cross breeding to produce the unknown can only lead to a huge K9 mess here in the UK.

Play your part!

For those families that have thought long and hard about getting a Chihuahua Puppy make sure you play your part in the buying process by not only buying safely by visiting the breeder but also to trust your instincts when you meet them and their dogs. Never buy with your heart but do buy with your head, thinking about what you are buying can lead to a great Chihuahua experience for the next 15 years so choose wisely.

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