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Chihuahuas and Seaweed.

Chihuahuas and Seaweed.

Perhaps some of you have heard of Seaweed being used with animals but have never read about it or tried it so after a month of using it i have found it to be from now onwards a new ingredient in my dogs daily menu.

When we feed our dogs main meal which is breakfast time we get the added bonus of seeing their reaction to any changes we make to their meals. Everyone knows that our bodies need nutrients and vitamins regularly which help us maintain a healthy body so the same goes for our dogs which is why i have always put a powdered form of multi-vitamins in their food when it goes through the mincer after it is all cooked. Having read the benefits of Seaweed to animals which are listed as:

  • Shinier, softer coats
  • Improves temperament
  • Strengthens immunity and vitality
  • Improves absorption of nutrients from other food
  • Corrects nutrient imbalance
  • Corrects micronutrient and mineral deficiencies
  • Improves Oral Health

it was a no brainer for me to try as it also has an added benefit of being an organic natural product. For the last month of using the Seaweed they have reacted extremely well to the taste which i was a little aprehensive about due to it's slightly fishy smell. Whilst dry food manufacturers claim their food has this that and the other in it, a large percentage of it has no nutritional value at all, those of you who know me and the food i make for my dogs will understand when i say you get out what you put in which is why i embark on these trials. Whilst changes are never instant, continued building on a firm foundation of my breeding program will hopefully see the above benefits shine through in the every day lives of my dogs.

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