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Chihuahua's Smell?

One thing i get comments on from many customers is how pleasant my puppies and adults smell when they come to visit. As a breeder i know how hard it can be to prevent dogs from laying on urine on their beds or to stop a Stud dog urinating over a female, yes you read that right! With dogs, as most people know, smell means everything to them so rather than leave a note saying "don't touch her she is mine" they can and will leave their scent on her or her bed. Females will also take part in scent marking when it comes to food or treats that they are not ready to eat, and both males and females will urinate over another dogs urine, if one does it on a bed then others will follow. These are the sort of daily happenings when trying to keep my dogs smelling descent as although dogs are quite prepared to smell of urine or feces it is certainly not acceptable by us humans.

In my utility building i have an industrial top loading washing machine that does 2-4 loads of dogs beds everyday using only a good washing powder or liquid to ensure that when they are dry they smell amazingly fresh, just like when we wash our own clothes in a good powder or liquid.

What does this mean for my Chihuahuas? Well being as our dogs spend more of their life on their bedding than we do ours ensures that this amazing smell rubs off onto them day and night. The results of this process i see when i receive the great comments from my customers, so the extra time and money i spend to ensure this daily routine is just another successful plus point of my breeding program.

Many people have the thinking that breeders dogs live a romantic life in fluffy pillows and rose petals in front of the fire by their owner so will always smell nice......won't they? Read my page on Chihuahua Breeding for more on this....... http://www.chihuahuaworlduk.com/index.php/about-buying/chihuahua-breeding

~Treats, Treats and More Treats~

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