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Chihuahua Puppies & Scented Blankets

Chihuahua Puppies & Scented Blankets

A question that i have been confronted with a few times over the years is if a blanket with mum's scent actually helps a puppy to settle into it's new home. A simple answer not a yes or no but one that has to be described as "it depends on the puppies themselves".What i found after studying my pups, customer feedback and other people's comments from their puppies was that it certainly helped nervous puppies as it gave them some reassurance in their new surroundings but with bold, playful and courageous puppies it never made a difference. Nervousness in a Puppy is never a desirable situation and can mean an unpleasant Chihuahua ownership for yourself so be aware of your puppies character when choosing your new family member.

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