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Chicken is on the Chihuahua World Menu.

Chicken is on the Chihuahua World Menu.

After writing a couple of previous posts regarding our own made food we have now moved on from red meat and for the last 4 weeks been creating a Chicken based food.

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You are what you eat or you eat what you are?

Chihuahua World's Own Food

Our previous menus have been extremely successful and have been very popular amongst our members as it is pure and simple "The Best Chihuahua Food Available"

We have recently established a relationship with a poultry farm so we now take delivery of the frozen minced Chicken which includes the carcass, wings, legs and their attached meat. Contrary to popular belief about dogs shouldn't eat Chicken bones well being as our menu contains about 5% bone we have found that after slow cooking and 3 passes through the mincer virtually eliminates and trace of sizable bone pieces therefore bone splinters do not occur.

Bone is extremely good for dogs as they contain not only Marrow but Calcium, Bones are a big part of our breeding program here at Chihuahua World which can be read about here.

Preparation begins with a 1 hour and 45 minute slow oven cook of the minced chicken which is then drained of any water and fat residue. This is then passed through the mincer for a second time to produce a beautiful textured soft chicken mince. The third pass through the mincer happens once all the vegetables are diced and cooked pasta and seaweed are added resulting in our 100% pure natural and additive free Chihuahua Food. Preparation at daily meal times then just consists of 15 minutes in the oven to warm their food which is then topped with a little sunflower oil for it's added benefits.

With a month passing since our trial with the adults, it was now time to introduce our food to our 4 week and older Puppies which after the first week has again proved to be just incredible. Chicken as you know is extremely low in fat and packed with the best protein available from any meat, as well as being very easily digested. It's been 4 years now that we have been experimenting with fresh meat menus and every change we have made has been welcomed by our dogs as they are the ones that we are watching and studying to gauge our results.

With the ever increasing prices of shop bought dog food, which is usually not as it seems (read this) Chihuahua World are proud to spend the time effort and money in investing in our dogs health and meal times enjoyment by continuing to improve our unbeatable Chihuahua Food.



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