Members own lives with their Chihuahua.

My little Rosie

I finaly broughy my little Rosie home today after checking the site every day for the last couple weeks to make sure she wasnt sold. Charlie had absaloutely fallen in love with her, he wont leave her alone!  She is sooooo layed back and relaxed. Wasnt phaised at all at being in a new enviroment, although i think Charlies precence had something...
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Toro's first night

Well, we think he's settled in already! He has made friends with our Staff "Verbal" and slept right through the night until 7am when the alarm went off,and only one accident in the house. So happy with him
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Sleeping beauty

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Meet Milo

Milo has been with us 4 days now and we cant believe how quickly he settled, mind you he has Mimi to snuggle up too, they adore each other, although shes the boss :)
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