Hi, I'm sue an older lady, not saying how old haha. I have a love of Chi's and Art, I used to paint with Acrylics but have moved on to 3D art and the wonderful world of computer artists. I have a website that is to my shame not updated very often, I will be adding some of my art work to it at a later date.

The Sea Wall at Teighmouth

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I get to have a lie in ;)

Lots of activity very early this morning, Martin who is usually the last person out of bed was today the first person up.He is off to Guilford for a model steam rally taking one of his traction engines to show off LOL.After being let out into the garden Cherry and Ellie decided to stay downstairs but Sophie who is a mommies girl decided her cat sac...
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Wrap around tongue....

For such a small girlie Sophie has a very long tongue LOL
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Gimme my food everyone else has got theirs LOL

Sophie giving Martin the evil eye after not getting her lunch first LOL
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