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Beware of the Birds!

Beware of the Birds!

Beware of the Birds maybe a little far fetched but definitely worth warning small Chihuahua owners about due to the experience we have had here and one owner in Devon recently.


An earlier blog i wrote about a Red Kite (bird of prey) landing in our garden, i described it as a wonderful sight but being as they have been breeding here in East Sussex their numbers have increased as have their need for food which as most of you know consists of small animals, this could include Chihuahua Puppies. The measures we have put in place here at Chihuahua World are in the form of light weight netting covering our puppy's 2 gardens that are connected to their daytime Puppy House, you can view their facilities here.

In the news recently was a story about a little Chihuahua called Bella who was only 5 months of age and playing in her owners garden, as she would have looked so small and defenseless from above, this prompted a few Seagulls to swoop down into the garden and attack Bella which resulted in her loosing her life. Everyone knows that Seagulls are scavengers but not many of us, including myself, would associate them with attacking our small pets, tearing rubbish bags or stealing our chips is more the norm for them as we regularly witness this behaviour when visiting the seaside.


As you can see here the picture shows a Seagull actually grabbing a pigeon to make it it's next meal.

A scary thought especially during the warm days of Summer when our pets like the freedom of the outdoors.

Breeders beware as indeed should be Chihuahua owners!

Stay safe this summer guys and keep the little ones in sight.

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