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Toro piccies

A few more Pics of Toro and his new buddy Verbal. Yet again, Im SOOOO amazed at how confident Toro is, and how he has fitted into the family so seamlessly! The perfect puppy! Hopefully this will work, I cant see any pics this end :-/
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My little Rosie

I finaly broughy my little Rosie home today after checking the site every day for the last couple weeks to make sure she wasnt sold. Charlie had absaloutely fallen in love with her, he wont leave her alone!  She is sooooo layed back and relaxed. Wasnt phaised at all at being in a new enviroment, although i think Charlies precence had something...
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Toro's first night

Well, we think he's settled in already! He has made friends with our Staff "Verbal" and slept right through the night until 7am when the alarm went off,and only one accident in the house. So happy with him
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Chihuahuas and Seaweed.

Perhaps some of you have heard of Seaweed being used with animals but have never read about it or tried it so after a month of using it i have found it to be from now onwards a new ingredient in my dogs daily menu. When we feed our dogs main meal which is breakfast time we get the added bonus of seeing their reaction to any changes we make to their...
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