Perhaps a phrase that some have heard and some haven't but after the last 3 years of taking Pipa and Poppet to my mother in law's old people's home the reaction on the residents faces say it all. Realizing that they all were affected in some way by my girls presence i began to understand how something so small can have a big impact on someone's life so this has given us here at Chihuahua World even more motivation to increase the maturity and social skills of our Puppies before they leave us for their new homes.

After a little research into the subject science i found this scientific fact :-"A body of research has suggested that interactions with therapy dogs can temporarily affect the release of various neurotransmitters in the brain; Oxytocin (a chemical heavily linked with bonding) and dopamine (a chemical associated with reward and motivation) levels are increased, while lowering cortisol levels (an immunosuppressant associated with stress)"

This i have had very close experience with as i have a few close family members who do suffer from Anxiety and Stress related issues so looking at their interaction moments with my dogs again changes their mood and thoughts instantly. Even loneliness, especially when at an older age, can lead to depression and anxiety so knowing you have that loving little Chihuahua World companion will give you a new meaning to your life and best of all someone to share your daily life's experiences with.

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