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Some of the Testimonials received over the years from Customers. Obviously a Breeder can write anything on their Testimonial pages which is why when you visit you can view the printed originals in my office 

Dear Laura,

Last year I bought Bart from you (picture attached), I just wanted to email you to tell you what a credit he is to you, from day one he seemed like he was already trained, he used to wait at the back door to go to the toilet, he loves the car, is never snappy, is always ready to play, loves the kids and his so relaxed he didn't even react to bonfire night this year. Your dedication and passion to provide Bart with a happy life has surely been meet, one year on and his very healthy. On your website you have a section called "therapy dogs" and many of my friends and family have said that when they hold him, his very calming. Thank you for perfect puppy Gratefully Sonni C

Hi Laura

Here's a little pic of Joeyboy! Also with Danny and Donny (my mums dog and my brothers gfs dog) we got all 3 of these boys from you and there literally the most amazing chihuahuas! I would recommend to anyone looking for this sort of breed to come to you because you can definitely tel from there temperaments and character that they come from such a good breeder who looks after them properly! I wouldn't even consider another breeder after getting Joey from you! Hence why we then got 2 more in the family!! Beautiful dogs! Xxx from Laura

Hi Laura,

Thought you would like to see a photo of our little darling! He was such a good boy - didn't keep us awake and sleeps at night like a baby - although he seems to be waking at about 7.00 am as part of his routine. that's fine with me as I am an early riser! He has been busy training us to his commands but seriously he is so intelligent and catches on very quick to certain words and is getting along well with his toilet training. He comes out in his little carrier and has taken to the car really well. When he is playing in the evening he rushes around as quick as a ferret.and is as mad as a hatter throwing his toys about and I have no buttons left on my dressing-gown as he likes to gnaw away at labels, buttons, and anything hanging! Will send some more photos. especially when he is wearing his best winter coat! Hope you and your husband are well. also all the puppies too! Love, Linda

Hi laura

Bonsai is almost 12 weeks now and has been with us for a week. He is incredible, so calm (even with our 3 young boys) funny, well behaved.  He adjusted to being in his crate by day two. I have taught him how to Sit, Stay and Come already. He sleeps ALL through the night and has done from the third night. And the best bit.he hasn't had one accident in the house! He sits by the door and gives a little whine and off he goes.  Friends can't believe how chilled he is, he welcomes every new person with a wag and a lick then wanders back to bed :)  He is an absolute credit to you and your programme.  Can't wait to see you next year for a playmate :)  Love Sarah, Family & Bonsai x 

Hi Laura,

I just wanted to say a Big Thank You from me and my family for bringing so much happiness in or life's and we so happy and looking forward to bring our Chihuahua (Chico) home. We are also so very pleased to find a breeder like your self who has been so helpful to us for buying our dog and we can assure you that we will give him the best home fabulous life ahead. Thank you ones again and we look forward to herring from to let us know when we can come and pick up our new family member Chico. Speak to you soon Regards  Amrish

Dear Laura,

It is now almost a year since I first made contact with you at Chihuahua World. I have always had larger dogs, in fact never smaller than a labrador and they have all been a wonderful part of my life. Living in Morocco and travelling quite a lot, I had decided not to get another dog, after the loss of our beloved Argentinian Doggo, but after chatting with a friend, she suggested I look at a Chihuahua, as an ideal companion. As with a lot of people today, I had always looked on chihuahua's as fashion statements, toted around by the rich and famous. boy was I wrong !!! I quickly did some research and found your website and what a fabulous website it is. All the information needed to help you understand everything you need to know about becoming a chihuahua owner. As I glanced at your site, one little picture just reached out to me. this little person was to become my Phoebe. I phoned you and I remember well that it was Easter Sunday. but you still answered your phone and gave me lots of information and followed up with an email.what a pleasure to have such personal service on a public holiday !

We were in contact several times to finalize everything and after a short while Phoebe became part of my life and she is loved by all who meet her !She may be small, but she has a huge personality and a heart to match. As you now know a year down the line I am now adding to my Family and you are kindly helping me to find the perfect companion for Phoebe.

I cannot impress enough to everyone the amount of work that you put in to your passion of breeding the most beautiful, well adjusted chihuahua puppies with amazing temperaments. Phoebe travels with me everywhere, as she is so small she is allowed to travel in the cabin with me on aircraft and has travelled to Italy by train. no more guilt about leaving my friend behind in kennels or with friends. she is always with me and my Family, who just adore her !

Thank you once again Nikki for your tireless work in breeding and research to ensure that we who love chihuahua's are able to choose our companions in confidence from you !

Wishing you all the best for the future.and I will always have your website in my favorites to have the pleasure of looking at your beautiful puppies !

Very kindest,


What a great visit today Nikki, lovely to meet you and finally finding the puppy we have been searching  for 2 years. Paul and i can't wait to collect her but only after buying her all new clothes as the ones we said we brought her won't fit her at all being as she is so tiny. We couldn't believe it when you showed her to us, we never new dogs could actually be that small and have character like she has. Can't wait for next week best wishes  Paul and Michelle from Cardiff

Just wanted to let you know that Dinah has settled down fine, she is absolutely beautiful and everybody loves her. She has endearing qualities as well as being smart and funny and an extremely good girl. Thankyou so much for a lovely little dog. Best wishes Elaine from Eastbourne

I have had Twinkle, my little girl, for almost 8 months now. I would like to congratulate Nikki and her family in taking such good care of their puppies and raising them in the outmost best environment. 

I read a lot about Chihuahuas before I decided to purchase one and I was very conscious of all the 'bad traits' that are associated with the breed ('yappy', getting attached to one person only, very independent, not very good with kids etc). 

Twinkle is an absolute angel and everyone is shocked how she has none of the above traits! She doesn't 'yap', she loves my friends and family and recognizes them all!, she is very independent, does not cry when I have to go and she loves kids! 

Laura's experience in raising puppies for years has such an effect on her puppies from such a young age that they grow up to be well behaved dogs, loyal, sociable (with other dogs and humans alike) and an absolute pleasure! 

Laura THANK YOU and we will visit you soon :) 

Eleni from London


I am going to be completely honest with you now , and i hope you don't judge me for past mistakes. I had wanted a chi for some time and over a year ago I purchased what I thought was a nice chi. I actually saw your website back then , but your prices were WAY out of my league. 

I adored Chichi and she was a loving and wonderful dog , until one day , out of the blue she turned into an aggressive little madame and nearly took my mates hand off!!! 

I confess that i infect sold her on as I couldn't trust her again , she infact did it several times and it was becoming a habit .this is all leading to the point that it kind of destroyed my love of chi. 

Now I have just moved house and I have a fresh new start in a home close to a park to walk my Maltese (who is tiny) and I find myself looking for a chi again! am I mad!! 

But surely I must be able to find one that is loving and affectionate , but also playful and full of character that won't savage my hand off!!! 

I find myself back at your website , and cooing at your babies , sooooooo beautiful. I am sure I have had just a bad experience , and should learn the old saying you get what you pay for!!

from Tracey

Hi Laura

It's 5 months since we brought Bailey home and I thought I'd let you know how he's getting on.

 He settled in straight away and he is absolutely adorable, he loves cuddles and he's very affectionate.

 He is really playful and gives us lots of laughs as he charges around with our other Chihuahua.

 He is still small and although he could climb up our stairs he has only just mastered the art of getting   down them.

I have enclosed a couple of pictures so you can see how sweet he really is.


Maxine d

Hi Laura

Alfie has been charming EVERYONE with his looks and personality. Lots of our friends and family have commented that they didn't think they'd like a Chihuahua but Alfie's won them over! We adore him, and the cats are starting to think he's ok!! )

Hope you're well. 

Kindest regards

Natalie & David

Hiya Laura

I just wanted to let you know Barney is the most adorable little boy and is so much loved! He is as bold as anything and everybody has to have a giggle when we go out walking with him. He really adores our old Jack Russell Fizzy – she lays down and lets him bite all round her ears and neck and she loves him to bits.  Jo Jo, the Shi Tzu cross isn’t quite as close but they do get on ok.  Barney pinged out of our arms a couple of times which has really given us a fright but he is fine!  He is a delight and we all love him very much.  He will be a special part of our family always!  Thanks for such a wonderful little pup!

Hope you are all well and good luck with your new babies!

Kind regards

Lin, Amy and Barney