As a responsible Chihuahua Breeder offering you the perfect little pet we would still like to make you aware of the subject of "what costs are involved when owning a dog" this is usually not thought about enough which is one of the reasons why our Dog's Homes are fully stretched.

Even though our Chihuahuas are very small it doesn't necessarily mean small costs will follow especially with today's climate of never ending price rises.

Over the many years of Chihuahua Ownership and Breeding we have seen a huge rise in not just Vet bills but also everything else involved with owning a dog so although Chihuahua World offer a fantastic Free Puppy Pack with our puppies which will help you with your Chihuahua Ownership you will be facing other costs during the rest of their lives.

Firstly we will give you an idea of today's (2014) Vet prices which will not all be applicable to you but may arise in certain circumstances, prices do vary from Vet to Vet and also in different parts of the country so our advice is to shop around.


  • Consultation.£35 Vets normally charge a lower fee for every consultation after the initial one if it's for the same problem.
  • Microchip.£15
  • Prescriptions.£11 Prescriptions are needed from the Vet if they recommended medication for your Chihuahua but want to buy them elsewhere.
  • Puppy Health Check.£18
  • Puppy Health Check with a Written Examination Certificate.£35
  • Puppy Vaccination Course.£53 Consisting of 2 injections, one at 8 weeks and the other 2-4 weeks later.
  • Yearly Kennel Cough Vaccine.£26
  • Annual Booster.£31
  • Male Neutering.£120
  • Female Spaying.£250
  • Cesarian.£500-£1000
  • Dental Work.£120 upwards
  • Medication.£ Very expensive from Vets


Feeding your Chihuahua should be with the best food you can afford as this will help combat any illnesses as well as ensure they enjoy an active and healthy life. Do have a read of our Real Chihuahua Food article as over the years of making this we have seen an amazing change in our dogs natures, activities and health. Below we have listed prices of a well known dry kibble brand which is suitable for your Chihuahua, these prices are pretty much the same with all good brands.

Chihuahuas, we have found, consume on average around 130 grams of dry food a day but this will depend upon the nutritional contents of the food and their daily lives, very cheap unknown brand foods should be avoided.

1kg of dry food should last in the region of 7 days

  • Royal Canin Mini Junior 4kg.£21
  • Royal Canin Mini Adult 4kg.£20
  • Royal Canin Adult Chihuahua 3kg.£18
  • Royal Canin Junior Chihuahua 1.5kg.£12


We all like to give our Chihuahuas Treats every now and then especially if they show you how much they enjoy them, Chihuahuas can be picky eaters so try not to feed them instead of food as the cost will rapidly overtake that of proper food and not contain the nutritional balance of a complete meal. One of the reasons we make our own treats here at Chihuahua World is not only are they the best available but that they contain only 100% natural meat, many of the shop bought treats as you may know contain all sorts of nasty chemicals which can have a knock on effect to their health which in turn then leads to unnecessary Vet Bills.


Believe it or not buying beds through out your Chihuahuas life can be quite expensive especially as most soft beds fall apart when washed a few times given the fact that 9 out of 10 are cheaply made in China. Our advice here is to buy a hard bed like what we use EGG BEDS and then buy either some Vet bed and cut it to size or a decent blanket as these will wash up hundreds of times with very little deterioration.