With rising costs of decent brand dog foods and TV programs such as Channel 5's THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR DOG FOOD highlighting what is really in our dogs food, isn't it time you started making your own?

We are going to show you here how you too can feed your Chihuahuas just about the best food they could ever wish for, as well as cutting down on costs when compared to the best known commercial brands.

A huge success story here at Chihuahua World is the food we have been making for many years now, improving our menu whilst trying to keep it simple and natural as well as providing a nutritious and enjoyable meal for our Chihuahuas has been a challenge.

Having studied and used most of the well known dog food manufactured brands I'm sure you will agree there is nothing like a real meat diet especially when buying and preparing it yourself.

Please read another article we have on our site called briefly explaining about the content of shop bought dog food.

Real Chihuahua Food from Chihuahua World

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Make Your Own Chihuahua Food

A couple of points worth mentioning here is that

  • We buy our meat directly from an Abattoir which may not be accessible to everyone so your local butcher will be able to supply any meat you wish. 
  • Preparing this food is carried out in our Chihuahua Laundry and Utility building as some of the meat cooking smells are not to be desired in our normal home kitchen.

The Ingredients we are currently using are:

  • Green Beef Tripe
  • Ox Cheek
  • Beef Liver
  • Pasta (brown or white)
  • Seaweed (organic Irish)
  • Diced Mixed Vegetables

Our Videos below will show you how to prepare, cook and mix your Chihuahua Food so it is ready to serve or if making a large amount as we do here, place into a freezer for future use.

Any questions or help needed please feel free too ask by emailing me at nikki@chihuahuaworld.uk.com

Make your own Chihuahua Food Videos