Possibly the best treats our Chihuahuas love here at Chihuahua World is the Bones we cook for them on a regular basis that are enjoyed for anything up until 4 weeks from when they first start to tuck into them.

Although you may think food cannot last that long well you are correct although Bones are very different as once they have had their meat stripped from them they then become extremely environmentally friendly and do not attract Bacteria, bones are dug up all over the world on a regular basis with some being millions of years old so that does go to prove that the breakdown process is incredibly slow, allowing your Chihuahua to keep going back for regular chew times without the thought of it "passing it's use by date."

After years of feeding our Chihuahuas all types of Bones as well as studying their behaviour and the performance of the Bones involved we have made a video below to show you what to do when preparing these as treats for you dog, we have our own Chihuahua food preparation building but preparing the Bones we show in your kitchen will be fine as if you like Pork the smell of them cooking we find is quite attractive.

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How to prepare bones video