A question we get asked frequently is "Are Chihuahuas ok in two's or even more?" This is a question that customers usually ask when thinking of getting a companion for their Chihuahua.

So instead of an answer of "yes of course they are" we like to explain the whole senario of plus and minuses to you so that you are aware of what you may encounter during their introduction and of course their lives. Whilst the decision of owning more than one dog should not be taken lightly, one of the most important issues that needs to be addressed is the possible behaviour changes in your already owned Chihuahua.

Over the years studying our own Chihuahuas behaviour it is safe to say that no body knows your Chihuahua like you do due to their unique way to adapt to your family life thus making their personalities individual and sometimes very personal. All dogs no matter how big or small are pack animals and should, if trained properly, always look to their owner as the Alpha pack member whom they follow and look for guidance from, a little conflict can arise when introducing a new puppy or adult into your pack as your Chihuahua may then start to compete for the number 2 spot, this is a natural reaction if it is displayed which may show itself by aggression, competitiveness or just plain old affection for you.

There is no clear cut reaction when homing another male or female, as we said earlier, only you know your own Chihuahuas personality but here are some of the things to consider when deciding to own more than one Chihuahua.

Positive Consideration

  • Does your Chihuahua spend time alone at home whilst everyone is out? - If yes then this is a great reason to have another as Chihuahuas get extremely lonely so crave company whether it is human or their own kind.
  • Look at your Chihuahuas reaction when your out and other dogs are in the vicinity, do they get excited to the point that they want to pull away from you and go to meet another dog? This behaviour speaks volumes to what your dog wants.
  • Do you feel that your Chihuahua has lots of energy but you haven't got the time to completely wear them out? Having a playmate is a great way of ensuring energy converts to exercise and mental stimulation especially if you are not always around during the day, a happy and content dog is an enjoyable dog to own.
  • Love and Enjoy your Chihuahua? Of course you do so imagine how you will feel with twice the love and enjoyment.

 Things NOT to consider negatively


  • Do they growl at other dogs? This can be simply that they want to protect you so don't take this as if they want to attack, it is a natural pack instinct with strangers.
  • Do they bark at other dogs? Not usually aggression but excitement and vocal attention seeking.
  • Same sex dogs are very compatible so against popular beliefs having the same sex dogs can be better in many ways than having mixed.


Negative Consideration

  •  If your Chihuahua is at an elderly age then do think very hard about disrupting their long settled and established life in your family before possibly creating an unwanted upset in their life.
  • 2 dogs will mean twice the costs with food and possible vet bills.
  • Exercise and Training can be tricky when you will need to manage 2 leads.
  • Spaying or Neutering if you decide on having mixed sex, check with your Vet as you will be surprised at how costly these operation are are.
  • Unneautered males will not only mate your female but scent mark around your home when your female is in season.


 Final Thought

As with all life changing ideas and wishes, careful thought and consideration must be shown not only towards your life but also your Chihuahua's as taking on too much can have a negative impact on all concerned so our advice here is too weigh up the pros and cons so that you have no regrets when coming to your decision. Forming a happy family life on all sides can be priceless so by choosing the the right Chihuahua to join your family pack could not only increase the enjoyment you already experience but give another great little character the life he or she deserves thus contributing to creating a Happy Chihuahua World