Being as we have for years been making our own Chihuahua Food and Treats here at Chihuahua World creating this page will now help you take on the task of making the best treats available for your little one using only fresh real meat and without any preservative or additive.

Our air dried treats that we have been feeding our dogs and selling in our online shop for many years are proven through and through so have a go yourselves and witness the enthusiasm displayed by your Chihuahuas when offering these treats.

Any of the meat we mention below is available from your local Butcher, fresh and unpackaged will guarantee that freshness you need.

Tripe Treats: Tripe is basically the sack of the animals stomach so Beef Tripe comes from a Cow, a Tripe from a Pig is sometimes called Paunch but most animals with a stomach can be refered to as having a Tripe sack. Here we mainly use the Beef Tripe (Green) which is not for human consumption unless it has been bleached, do not buy any Tripe that has been processed so ask your Butcher for Green Beef Tripe.


Make your own Chihuahua Treats Video