After hundreds of years of governments trying to run our country correctly and being in the state we are in, it's not surprising the doggy world is in the state it is in.

When you get a governing body setting the legislation it more often than not boils down to money which usually takes precedence over everything else.

 Obviously everything costs money to enforce and regulate in the dog business which is why more needs to be done within the breeding world to eradicate the problems and bad publicity we see everyday.


  • Anyone breeding dogs should be licensed,regulated and inspected, this will ease the burden of unwanted dogs entering dogs homes.
  • License Fees should be atleast £500 (currently £135) per year which will ensure extra funds are available for local authorities to employ more people to help regulate the breeding world.
  • Every puppy should be micro-chipped prior to leaving the breeder so throughout the dogs life it's origin can always be traced.
  • Anyone breeding their dogs more than once are earning money on a business level so should then be registered with the inland revenue to pay income tax on their earnings otherwise the message goes out that dog breeding is a tax free income thus contributing to the problems we are seeing in the dog world.
  • Stud services should only be offered to improve a breed and not just to produce pups. 
  • No such thing as teacups ? a few years ago there was no such thing as a Labradoodle until a kennel club decided otherwise.
  • Designer dogs or mongrels ? don't pay a premium buy one from your local dog rehoming center.
  • Breeders have a duty to expel any problems within their breeding stock through the various genetic tests available and spaying or neutering any genetic disorder carriers.
  • All breeders should microchip their pups so any authority can trace the pups breeder and not just the owner.
  • Any breeder keeping mum and pups in a training crate running about in their own wee and faeces on newspaper should be avoided.
  • If every breeder gave something back then differences will be seen. 
  • Public awareness needs escalating when it comes to understanding what's happening within the dog world.
  • There are some great breeders out there doing some great work but it is all too often undone by unregulated breeding by just about anyone so this i believe should be an issue that needs addressing as a priority.

These are some of my thoughts all of which will see pros and cons so please don't email with negative comments as there are too many do gooders in this world and not enough people doing good so please spend your time thinking how you can make a difference if doggy politics is your thing.

I would like to think my website centers around public awareness regarding dog breeding and gets other breeders thinking about their part in improving the negative publicity relating to pedigree dogs.