After years of seeing genuine Chihuahua Puppies lovers be conned this page is dedicated to helping future buyers be aware of what's happening out there   The information below is here to help you the buyer in the search for your new Chihuahua so do please read and digest it as it will prove very valuable and make you aware of the pitfalls involved in today's Chihuahua breeders. We would like to think that serious buyers of a Chihuahua puppy have done their home work and spent time in thinking what a commitment such a little dog will be in their life hence enabling both to enjoy each other to the fullest.

Once you have decided a Chihuahua is right for you and your family you can then begin the journey in search or your perfect companion. When you start looking you should first familiarize yourself to the mine field of adverts scattered all over the Internet on all kinds of websites advertising Chihuahua puppies for sale.

MollyAlthough the Internet is a wonderful market place with an abundance of pups for sale unfortunately it does make it easy for anyone to sell Chihuahuas to anybody who clicks on their website. Hopefully you have already read through my buyer beware page highlighting the various scams circulating the Internet with non existent Chihuahua puppies that still cost the unsuspecting buyer many hundreds of pounds as they pay their money expecting a puppy to arrive the next day that they haven't even seen which obviously doesn't turn up. You may be saying i would never buy something without seeing it but this happens everyday with Internet buying on everything you can imagine which is why the scammers have realized the opening available to them.

What we want to make people aware on this page is the breeders who are actually selling pups but who are really no better than the scammers with the way they try to manipulate the public into buying one of their puppies. Everybody would love to find their perfect pup on their doorstep with the breeder living local but as we all know this rarely happens so be prepared to make sacrifices and travel to see the breeder and their dogs before making any decisions about buying their puppy.

One days traveling can mean the difference of what you really want or what you felt you had to have as the other puppies were too far away. Pups say allot about the breeder with regards their characters and how they react around strangers meaning you the customer. Breeding is meant for people who have time to help the mum develop her puppies into sociable and playful future family members so if you get the impression this hasn't taken place then give yourself time to think and maybe visit another breeder for comparison. Never buy a Chihuahua Puppies because you feel sorry for it or its the cheapest out there as you are buying for all the wrong reasons.

Over the years we have been told so many horror stories from my customers about when they have visited Chihuahua breeders and most of them have seen sense and walked away, so don't let a breeder pressure you into buying their puppy as this is definitely not in yours or the pups interest. If you feel uncomfortable or feel there is something that doesn't add up then carry on looking around its really that simple.

Be aware of breeders not advertising their land line phone number and only a mobile as this is something the foreign scammers do so ask yourself why they don't advertise their home number, maybe this gives them the option to stay hidden if they have to. Another ploy is to use photos from other websites and breeders thus showing you pictures that don't actually belong to them, always make sure the pup in the picture is the puppy you are going to see.

However in amongst all this there are many genuine dog loving breeders who are trying to make the business of buying a puppy as pleasurable as possible and are actually trying to reverse the negative publicity around at the moment with regards bad dog breeders. Please remember a breeder will not be a breeder without people buying their dogs so again don't buy because you feel sorry for their pup or you can't be bothered to travel to another breeder.

Not all of you will take my advice or even listen to your instincts but those who do will ultimately end up with the puppy they have been searching for and not regret spending their time and money on such a wonderful little creature.

Chihuahuas Today

What we believe is happening out there is a dilution of the Chihuahua quality caused by their popularity and cost which attracts people into thinking they will try breeding as they see it as an opportunity to make allot of money so hence now the market is saturated with Chihuahua puppies and all the crosses they seem to want to produce.

As any good breeder will know, this is extremely bad for the breed due to everyday people breeding their Chihuahuas with any other just to produce a litter and with no regard for improvement of the breed or control in their breeding. Hopefully when they experience the small litters, caesarians, sleepless nights and hard work involved in breeding the Chihuahua they will realize that this is only for the dedicated and not a get rich scheme.  

The amount of Chihuahua puppies which are for sale at the moment has increased 100 fold over recent years so what we are going to see is very poor quality puppies being offered at very cheap prices just so breeders sell them and don't get stuck with them. So many stories are being told to us by customers who visit breeders and see their dogs kept in the dog crates, which are available in pet shops, stacked on top of each other so thinking they have some form breeding facilities. These poor dogs have no life being kept in a cage and probably get let out only once or twice a day so again no respect or responsibility for the breed which will only see our fantastic little friend change dramatically in front of our eyes.

Finding the Right Puppy

"Wow there are so many pups available for sale out there and at such different prices, how do i choose the right one for me?"

This is a question many of you have probably said and realized when you have started your search for a puppy so this page is here to help you understand the importance of choosing the right puppy. Whilst the initial cost of buying a Chihuahua can be very expensive try not to let this be the determining factor when choosing your pup as this really says nothing about the puppy or the breeder which are what you should be concerned about at this stage of your search. Understandably different budgets suit different people but really this should make buyers on smaller budgets be very careful in their selection and look after their money but usually we have found they rushed out to buy as soon as their money was available. At the other end of the scale buyers with larger budgets brought a puppy because it fitted in their handbag or looked like Paris Hilton's or many other irrelevant reasons. This is not to say they haven't luckily ended up with a good pup as some of them did but unfortunately most of them had or are still having problems.

One of the most important aspect of buying a good puppy is to learn as much as you can about the breeder and the temperaments they install in their pups. What they put in is what they get out but unfortunately so many are breeding solely for the money as they really think it's money for old rope but this couldn't be further from the truth, breeding is a full time commitment and an art, so good pups really do come from good breeders.

Usually the puppy can say so much about the breeder during its early life with their temperament and confidence displayed to you when you visit, so pay attention to parents and puppies interacting with each other and of course yourselves.

Mum does a great job in the whelping stage of the pups life but from around 4 weeks of age the Breeder must start their job when weaning should begin along with the socialization stage to open the puppies eyes to what they may be surrounded by during their adult life. We have 2 German Shepherds, a Cat, Parrot and along with Children they all play a very important part in molding the puppies characters in the early stage of life thus letting them know that there are bigger, hairier, louder and indeed uglier living creatures than themselves out there. You may ask how these can help well we have all seen nervous puppies, which is not uncommon, but if they carry this nervousness into their development stage then any noise sudden movements or scares could dominate their character and ultimately develop into a dog you really didn't want to buy.

As with all dogs health issues are something no one wants to think about but this must be taken into consideration as it can seriously affect your emotions as well as your pocket. The reason we have many dogs is to ensure the mums get a rest from breeding thus giving their insides chance to repair from what can be at times a very traumatic experience for such small dogs. This not only makes mum healthy but also the pups during the pregnancy period. We probably don't need to say that bad breeders will constantly breed their females on every season and also end up interbreeding which in turn leads to possible deformities and a life time of sickness all due to the fact of no control in their breeding program. This is why puppy farms have adopted bad names due to the lack of attention and welfare of their breeding stock and money being the sole objective.

 Always remember you have a choice as there are many Chihuahua Puppies for sale but over the years we have seen many breeders pop up due to the fact that the Chihuahua have become so recognized, especially on TV, so do be wary, cautious and above all be patient as a little time thinking about your purchase will be time well spent.  Explore your options, it's your money so buy what you want and not what's more convenient.{sl

Horror Stories

Something we always hear are horror stories from other people experiences when buying and owning a Chihuahua puppy so let us share some of them with you so you will have an understanding of what you could expect or may even go through when buying a Chihuahua.

Many people come to us after visiting other breeders to view puppies and usually comment on what has put them off of buying from them. One of the more common stories is how the breeder has gone into a room or shed and brought out a nervous puppy covered in it's own urine or poo thus smelling awful. There is no excuse for this but due to the fact breeders keep mum and pups confined in a crate or cage, they really have no option but do their business where they sleep and play.

Puppy Farm

The picture opposite was sent to us by a friend who works for a well known animal charity who secretly photographed a Chihuahua Breeders operation a couple of years ago. As you can see it is pretty disgusting and seriously cruel, whether it is in a garage, shed or room in the house the situation is the same, they live in a small confined space. Without proper facilities like we have created here, breeders have to put up puppies messing every where around the home unless they keep them confined like they do in those horrible cages, obviously then they will be playing in their own excrement and urine. We know how much work is involved in our dogs having clean and fresh smelling beds as we wash 2-4 loads of them a day, all which have to be naturally or tumble dried as well. If these breeders haven't got the time or can't be bothered then they should not be breeding as they have no interest in their dogs welfare just the financial rewards.

The Puppies parents are a subject that many customers are confused with as breeders mislead them into thinking they are protective of their puppies so either won't show them or put them down if they do show them as they show aggressive behavior. Don't be fooled by these words as there is no excuse for this behavior as you will see when you visit Chihuahua World. You could see 3-4 mums and their puppies all playing together in our puppy house without any problems. This is a fundamental part of our puppy program as socialization is as important for mums as it is for pups, leave the mum and puppies shut in a room or cage without any other interaction all day and night then you will hear these sort of excuses from the breeders. Whilst on this subject we know of some breeders that will show you a male and female they have as pets as the parents to every puppy they breed because these may be friendly enough for you to pet. Unless you know what to look for this is hard to spot so trust your instincts.

After buying your puppy hopefully without any problems your experience with the breeder still carries on or at least it should do. This is when you could end up paying a huge amount for your puppy at the end of the day because as soon as you walk out their door the breeder doesn't entertain any unforeseen problems. The amount of horror stories i have been told and witnessed over the years regarding this is astonishing as most breeders want your money and not your problems. They don't answer their phone, they say the puppy is sold as seen, you should of had insurance, say "it's not my problem", and so on. After spending your money on your new puppy you do not want to have to spend more on sorting out problems or worse still inherent illnesses with those incredibly expensive vets. Believe me this happens all too often as we hear it over and over again, that reasonably priced puppy they thought they brought has just turned into an expensive nightmare or worse still may have ongoing health problems. 

Insurance as most of us know is not cut and dry, insurance companies offer the 4 weeks free pet insurance as they have get out clauses relating to the breeders responsibilities within this time frame so be aware of this. Chihuahua World offers a 12 month health guarantee which protects your money, we also supply you with a £35 certificate from our vet with details of the health check and confirming the puppy is in perfect health.

Whoever and wherever you think of buying your puppy from is the choice of you the customer, but do read all the information pages on our site as you will then begin to see it is not an easy task.

Make your experience with a Chihuahua a memorable time in your life as from then on you will never be without one.

Finally ...

A message to those of you who are morally minded who may be saying "all puppies deserve a chance in life" well of course they do but unfortunately  people with no patience these are the puppies that usually end up in a re-homing center later in life so if breeders realize no one wants their bad puppies then perhaps they will invest time, money and hard work to produce only true sociable and healthy family pets.

Chihuahua World Puppies all possess the temperament our puppies are famous for.  You will not be forgotten about after buying one of my puppies, this is one of the reasons we created The Chihuahua Club. Club Application