This page I feel will be an education for prospective Chihuahua Puppies owners who are getting sucked in by dishonest adverts.

In adverts all over the Internet are quotes like mum weighs x amount and dad weighs 1.5lb / 2lb or 2.5lb, the same being quoted from the stud providers. There are 2 issues here, one being not many people realize how small 2lb really is which is why they usually add the word approximately or around before the weight.

If a breeder feels it is necessary to advertise weights then they should at least weigh their dogs and give exact weights so they don't mislead any potential buyers. Seeing the adverts for 1.5lb adults, well all i can say is congratulations they own the worlds smallest dog.

Another point i must make here is that after many years keeping records i can honestly say that there are no weight charts that would ever mean anything with breeding Chihuahuas and 2 small adults is never a guarantee of small puppies as i have had on many occasions puppies growing larger than their parents. The key here is to find the right breeding combinations in the parents,as their genetic mix can be very different and surprising.

Controversy exists here, as KC CLUBS don't recognize a Teacup Chihuahua Puppies as another line of Chihuahua so have set no breed standards to adhere to, but this doesn't mean they don't exist. Actually a lot of their Accredited Breeders believe they do as they advertise their puppies as Teacups in their adverts. Many others will say a Teacup is the runt of the litter, usually these people have no long term experience with Chihuahuas so just dismiss the description. Everyone knows that Teacup Chihuahuas are very small ( micro, tiny, super small, miniature etc ) as adults so is why they have adopted this word as the description when looking for a Chihuahua.

Pipa Poppet catWhen choosing your puppy, if you want to see a real Teacup Chihuahua then feel free to call and make an appointment to view one as then you will then have an idea of what to expect. So many people will say a Teacup is a runt of a litter, this is only their opinion, if this were true all Teacup Chihuahuas would be constantly at the vets, most of my Teacups have never even seen the Vets treatment room. Runts they not only describe as the smallest of the litter but assume they will automatically be poorly. What are they then called if the whole litter are tiny? are they all runts? NO THIS IS NOT FACT! I know, i breed Chihuahuas and have for many years, this is one of the reasons i give you a 1 year health guarantee with my pups, i have that much confidence with them, you will not buy a runt from Chihuahua World.

If on an extremely rare occasion i have a poorly puppy then he or she will stay with me until my vet gives them the all clear.

There are certain characteristics that i have found over the years that Teacups show but due to the amount of hard work and money i have invested this is something i keep close to myself. Knowing your breeding dogs is vital of course as we are the ones who you rely on for the information you need when determining the puppy you wish to buy.

Whilst using and talking to genetic laboratories around the world the issue of size related genes is a topic we have been discussing so hopefully if funding becomes available in the future there may be a test in relation to this.