As most of you know Chihuahua World doesn't use the KC for registering our puppies with, mostly due to our own opinion and beliefs in that no matter what a governing body tries to introduce as far as regulations in Dog Breeding they can never completely solve the problems we see with some Breeders. Paying to register puppies just to say they are KC registered really will never be an indication of the honesty of the breeder or the mental or physical health of the puppies.

Although the KC are trying to push things forward with regulating their breeders practices, all the time there are loopholes in the system for breeders to exploit things will never improve. The KC core is the show world where dogs are displayed in all their glory for judges to pick best of breed and ultimately "Best in Show" where the rewards can be very lucrative with sponsorship deals, stud duties etc. so as with all levels of anything competitive you will always see cheats.

So this leads me to mention an article which i read with interest that was published by the RSPCA that expressed their concerns of how breeders are using the KC registration papers to help sell more puppies without any regard for any breeding program.

This is an extract from the RSPCA's report:

"I thought Kennel Club registered meant that I would be getting a puppy from a responsible breeder. Is this the case?"

The term Kennel Club registered is not an indication that the breeder is responsible, neither will it guarantee that you are buying a healthy, happy puppy. In fact, the Kennel Club has a second tier of registration, called the Assured Breeders Scheme, for which membership is based on breeders meeting a set of criteria that the Kennel Club deems to be an indicator of responsible breeding. At present, however, there are approximately 7,500 breeders registered with the Assured Breeders Scheme, which equates to just 15 per cent – a small percentage – of the total number of puppies registered with the Kennel Club every year.

"Why are there so many advertisements for puppies for sale that use the term Kennel Club registered if it does not stand for much?"

The RSPCA believes that the term ‘Kennel Club registered’ is being used by breeders and traders as a marketing tool used to sell puppies because people believe it stands for quality.

 To read the full report called "Thinking of Buying a Pedigree Dog?" have a look on the RSPCA's website as it contains many articles on this subject as well as many others.