A Free Chihuahua is something that is asked by many believe it or not, we have had so many begging emails from people asking if we have a puppy to give them and then saying how they have sent money to a non existent Breeder who have advertised puppies and then said they would deliver it after they have received payment.

This is normally followed by something like "my daughter is heartbroken and won't come out of her bedroom until we get her a Chihuahua but we spent all our savings sending away this money." 

Although we feel for these people there comes a point when you must say to them "just stop and think what you have done and take responsibility for your action because no breeder will give you a free Chihuahua."

We are living in a society that seems to be promoting a "click and collect" solution to everything we do, unfortunately though this opens the door to people who prey on the unfortunate one's who let their guard down so therefore due to these people asking for FREE CHIHUAHUAS they think they can pass on their mistakes to other Breeders. Many will understand and will probably have experienced the same emails as we have so we should advise every member of the public who are searching for a Chihuahua to "read our website".

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