There are many concerns related to owning an animal and one that is over looked by so many are the possible health issues you may have to deal with in your pets life.

As we all know every living creature can get ill within their life span whether it be minor or major but as with most breeds of dogs there are problems that tend to crop up more often than others which ultimately become associated with the breed.

With the Chihuahua Puppies what we are seeing more and more are Luxating Patellas which is the slipping of the knee caps on the hind legs. This can cause pain, stiffness and walking difficulties but in severe cases to live a normal life your Chihuahua Puppies will need surgery to correct the problem. 

So what can we do ? 

When buying from a breeder make sure they can offer some proof that your new puppy has had their Patellas checked by the vet and that you have written confirmation of this as we all know that breeders can tell you anything when it comes to sell their pups