I receive many questions on a regular basis in relation to advice on Chihuahua breeding so creating this page should give you an insight into this subject.

As with most things in the world we see changes in areas that follow progression in life but unfortunately dog breeding seems to be going stale due to the lack of legislation.

With breeders popping up just about everywhere now the problems related to dog breeding are i feel spiraling towards even greater problems which usually result in animal welfare having to step in.

Home breeding has become pretty normal now in some households but from what i have witnessed and heard it is not a very nice picture to imagine. As with so many breeders the lure of hopeful financial rewards cover over any thoughts of how to breed properly and most importantly what is involved in breeding properly. Over the years improving every aspect of my breeding program is as important to me as even the welfare of my dogs as it ensures i never sit still when trying new things so hopefully ending up with better results every year.

This way of thinking cannot be achieved in the home as new ideas will not always work with our every day lives because dog breeding has it's own set of challenges and needs facilities that will not fit into any well kept home. You have probably all see the RSPCA programs that show video footage of when they have entered a problem home and found dozens of dogs either running loose or kept in cages. This happens all too often, when the owner not realizing things are spiraling out of control, goes past a point of no return and then accepts it as a way of life which ultimately usually ends up with the Animal Welfare authorities stepping in. Regardless of how much we love our dogs it is not pleasant living in their environment when things get this bad so having a breeding plan from the start is what most people over look when deciding to start breeding.

So what advice would i give to you if you wanted to Breed Chihuahuas.

  • Think why you want to Breed and what you would want to achieve.
  • Have you got the time to devote to your dogs no matter how long?
  • Have you got the money to provide them with the best of everything including the best food and any Vet fees?
  • How many times do you have a holiday? so who will look after your dogs and possibly pups while you are away?
  • Where will you put their solid waste and how will you react to their urine on your carpets or furniture?
  • How do you feel with their hair being left on your furniture and clothes?
  • Will your neighbours complain about their barking?
  • If you work full time then do you think it is fair to leave them all day locked away in the house?
  • If you come home to lots of mess? surely you wouldn't consider caging them whilst you are out so they all relieve themselves in their cage?
  • Stud dogs will fight so have organized separate accommodation for them?
  • Females in season will be picked on, have you more separate accommodation for them?
  • When you have company do you think it is fair to shut them in a utility room or the like?
  • Puppies make a mess and will do everywhere so surely you will not keep them in a cage with their mum running around on urine soaked newspaper or beds all day?
  • Mum has rejected one of her pups are you prepared for 2 hourly syringe feeds 24hrs a day?
  • 2am and mum needs a caesarian, can you miss work tomorrow because you have been in the vets all night?

This list i could really say is endless so i have only listed a few of the things that people do or do not consider when thinking of breeding. It is easy to imagine our dogs living in harmony with us 24/7 but the reality is the more you have the more their pact instinct becomes apparent and this is when things can become very stressful for the dogs and the owner. I always tell people treat your Chihuahua like you would a baby, literally, then things will work so much better for everyone. Time and money seems to be the biggest sticking point for most as dogs don't hibernate when you are having a bad day or financially short to care for them properly. 

Since opening my dogs playground and the building of my puppy house my dogs go crazy every morning when letting them out. The pups are free to run, sleep and play in pure comfort what ever the weather. The 1500 square foot heated adult playground with various activities gives them freedom all day to again run,play and sleep when ever they wish until they all come in late afternoon. Being proud of these facilities is why they are viewable by customers when visiting Chihuahua World, something very rarely offered by most breeders. All this costs huge amounts of money to set up and maintain and continues to be upgraded with any improvements which will see ongoing costs occurring regularly. It is the same with my food program here, costs continue to rise with today's financial crisis but my dogs health and well being cannot be compromised by these costs so this must never be a thought that enters the mind. 

Finally breeding is not just about pups, i get stories all the time from customers when they have visited breeders and asked to see the mum who gets aggressive towards them when handling her pups. This is because they are not given the daily life they need and are usually shut in a utility room or somewhere with nothing to do so don't see humans as part of their pack, frustration and stress is then displayed as aggression. If you let Chihuahuas be dogs and do the things they were born to do then the outcome will result in a happy confident and sociable pet. Many people only see Chihuahuas sitting in front of the fire or on your lap all day but this suppresses the natural instincts that they were born with. Boredom and frustration can be displayed in many unsociable ways which is why i have spent the money i have on my facilities to provide my dogs a choice for their daily routine. 

Providing a LIFE for your adults and not just a meal and shelter plays a critical part in determining their offspring's temperaments which i feel along with their health are the most important results you can achieve when breeding.